A Perfect Outdoor Atmosphere


You know the feeling… you are finally outside after a long winter. As you take the dog for his morning walk, you hear the gentle babble of a fountain, you notice the shapely curve of a neighbor’s walkway, and find yourself wishing you could climb along that retaining wall like you did when you were little and everything was a balance beam. Later in the day, as you and Fido go for an evening stroll, you notice your neighbors gathered around their fire pit, laughing and talking with their guests, and your eye is drawn to the lit up columns on that Queen Anne Victorian, and the pretty pathway, gently illuminated, which leads to a welcoming porch. And you say: “I want to live like that!”

Let Creative Curb Appeal of Rochester landscape your home to suit your lifestyle. Landscaping can enhance the architectural features of your home and put the finishing touches on a blank canvas. We can also design a peaceful outdoor escape or a playful party space. Whether you want to share your space with friends and family or escape them altogether, we can create the perfect outdoor atmosphere for your home.

Beautiful and Functional


There are numerous features that can be added for enhanced visual effect and functionality.