Concrete Edging

An Elegant Solution

Are you looking for an edging solution for your yard that will save on labor and increase beauty? Decorative concrete edging is a great way to accomplish both goals. Creative Curb Appeal was the first landscaping company in Rochester, MN to specialize in decorative concrete edging. We are proud and humbled that our neighbors continue to overwhelmingly turn to us for concrete edging today. There are so many advantages to decorative concrete edging: in flowerbeds, it keeps mulch in and grass out; it can cut down significantly on your trimming time; unlike stone pavers, it doesn’t need to be reset every few years; and unlike black plastic edging or aluminum it doesn’t rip, pull out, tear or generally drive you crazy. But the most important benefit of decorative concrete edging? It accents your property with clean, flowing lines creating an overall feeling of elegance and harmony. At Creative Curb Appeal, we take concrete and make it beautiful. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Creating A Look

As Unique as You Are

Your property is, in a sense, an extension of you; in addition to being a place to relax, to play, to be with family, it should reflect your personality. Because of the system we use to install it, Decorative Concrete Edging by Creative Curb appeal can do just that.

First, we have many different styles, patterns, and colors to choose from. Together, they form an almost infinite number of combinations that will compliment your property, your home and your personality.

Second, our color mixing process allows us to blend the colors deep into the concrete, meaning that your curb will look it’s best for years and years to come.

Finally, we do more than simply mix concrete. We’re landscapers, so the solutions we devise for you will enhance and accent the most attractive points of your property.

Benefits of

Concrete Curbing