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Snow Removal & Salt Service

Let it snow

Raise your hand if you enjoy shoveling snow more than once or twice a year… we didn’t think so. Let Creative Curb Appeal handle your snow removal before anyone arrives at your business or home while you relax in your in the comfort of your warm home with another cup of coffee.

Of course, a lot of companies advertise snow removal. What sets Creative Curb Appeal apart?

Our program can be customized: 1” of Snow and We Roll — if that’s what you want

Typically, our seasonal snow removal contracts say that if the Rochester Minnesota area receives one inch of snow or more, and our crews go to work removing the white stuff from your drives and walks.

But, we can work with you on that figure. If you’d prefer to only see us when we have five inches, or a foot, we can customize your annual snow removal contract to reflect that, too!

Winter or Not — We’re STILL a Lawn Care company

When spring comes, are you tired of finding out that your lawn has been butchered by your snow removal team? Sure you are…it’s annoying. And it is for us, too, especially if you’re already trusting us to maintain your lawn.

That’s why we take care to match the right sized tools with your yard. If your yard is large, and your driveway long, we have the trucks and plows to get you cleared out. For smaller spaces, however, we also take the trouble to get out of the truck and use walk-behind snow blowers, and even old-fashioned snow shovels to minimize damage to your yard. Just like you, we can’t wait to see it again in the spring, perfect and healthy!

We use the same crews — all year long

Unlike many lawn care companies, we use very few if any subcontractors. What does than mean for you? First of all, it means that you’ll have a regular crew that knows and respects your property, it also means that when you see the team roll up in a Creative Curb Appeal Truck, you know that your job is being done by crewmembers who are fully covered by workman’s compensation, and insured by our general liability policy.

Salting and Sanding

We also offer salting service to both our residential and commercial customers. When the forecast calls for freezing rain, sleet, or snow, our crews are heading to your property to make sure it remains as safe and passible as possible. Unless otherwise specified we use a 100% salt mixture. Not using sand means that visitors, pets, or customers won’t be tracking large amounts of sand into your home or office.

Some customers, however, especially our commercial ones, need us to make sure that vehicles and other equipment are able to move around with ease. For these customers, we stock sand stored in a covered bin. This keeps it pliable and salt free, offering your fleet the best traction.

Salt Delivery

In addition to applying salt in the wake of unfriendly weather, Creative Curb Appeal also delivers salt by the month, ensuring that your home or business is always ready to deal with slippery sidewalks. We deliver our salt in a container that also acts as an applicator (no plastic bags to deal with!) We provide you with an initial delivery, and then check back each month to make sure you have salt on hand. You only pay for what you use!

If we can help you with snow removal this year, CONTACT US today to for an estimate or to learn more.