The patio

foundation of outdoor fun!

Sometimes a Minnesota winter can feel like it lasts forever. All the more reason to savor your time in the sun! Let Creative Curb Appeal guide you through the process of choosing a location, size and shape for your patio that will compliment your landscape and architecture. Patios offer a low maintenance buffer between your home and your lawn; soak in some rays, read a book, have a barbeque or a cocktail, go barefoot, have a party…mix, mingle, relax!

We offer 5 basic types of patio installations and quality materials to fit your taste and your budget:

  • Broomed Cement Patios: Broomed cement has been around a long time and for good reason. It’s quick, it’s affordable, and it creates a clean level surface with little to no maintenance.
  • Stamped Concrete Patios: This might just be the best of both worlds. If you are want the look of stone, tile or wood, but the low maintenance of concrete, then a stamped concrete patio is just what you’re looking for. Texture and pattern is pressed into the surface of the concrete and then colored to give the appearance of whatever surface you desire.
  • Exposed Aggregate Patios: These surfaces can best be described as “glistening”; this look is achieved by exposing, washing and sealing pea rock into the concrete.
  • Paver Patios: When it comes to patio pavers, you can choose from a variety of styles and colors that will blend into your landscaping. The new joint sand we use is specially formulated to eliminate ants and weeds!
  • Natural Stone and Real Brick Patios: If you are looking for the authentic or historic solution for your patio, natural stone and real brick are the best options for you. Timeless in their style, these classic materials are a perfect fit.

So — are you tired of being inside? Don’t settle for some a drab slab of concrete. Creative Curb Appeal will work with you to create the perfect outdoor living space, allowing you bring the inside, out! Contact us today. We look forward to showing you the myriad of options available.