Mulch and Stone

The Easy Way

If you work in your yard, then it’s probably become an annual tradition: Jump in the car, drive to the home improvement store, fight through the Saturday crowd, load the car up with bags and bags of mulch and/or stone, bring it home, unload it, spread it, throw away dozens of plastic bags, and then go BACK to the home improvement store and do it all again. It doesn’t have to be that way!

Creative Curb Appeal maintains a healthy supply of mulch and stone at our retail location. We can arrange to deliver a load of mulch or stone to your home, where we can apply it for you; or if you prefer, we can drop it off and let you take it from there.

Got a pickup or wagon? We can also arrange to meet you at our location and load your vehicle with what you need, and send you on your way. One trip, no plastic bags!

If you are tired of overpaying for gallons of gas and bags of plastic with some mulch inside, call Creative Curb Appeal of Rochester; we’ll get you the groundcover you need, when you need it, where you want it. Contact us now to arrange for a delivery or pickup.

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Bedding Material

The bedding material we typically have in stock includes: