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Lawn Care

Let Creative Curb Appeal Take Care of your Lawn

Life is short, and, in Minnesota, summer is shorter! Really, when you think about it, there are so many fun things to do in your yard: gardening, playing ball, exercising the dog, sitting in the sun, having a cookout with friends, that it’s almost silly to think that you would actually waste time WORKING in your yard. After all, you’ve worked all week already.

Lawn Care: Our smarter lawn care schedule

You probably know expert lawn care goes way beyond simply dumping a bag of granulated weed’n’feed on your grass.

A true lawn care expert understands that your yard is a living thing. Like all living things, grass has different needs at different points in its lifecycle. Creative Curb Appeal will craft a program of care for your yard, providing fertilization and weed control that is specifically designed and timed for maximum effectiveness. We get your yard what it needs, when it needs it.

  • Slow Release is Key. Creative Curb Appeal uses slow release fertilizers and treatments. These cost us a little more, but they are timed to perfection. Getting both nutrients and protection to the grass in your yard, just when it’s needed.
  • The Smarter Schedule. We’ve taken the time to craft a smarter schedule for lawn fertilization and weed control. This allows us to do more for your lawn with less frequent applications. This reduces the stress on your lawn, while maintaining its health and beauty.
    1. Round One. Typically, this happens in April. We feed your lawn with a fertilizer blend that is specifically formulated to help it recover from the stress of the harsh Minnesota winter. The blend also included a pre-emergent crab-grass preventer.
    2. Round Two. In May’s application, we move on to broadleaf weed control. This will stop dandelions and other weeds from becoming an unsightly problem and steeling the nutrients your yard needs to thrive. We also give your lawn a dose of food aimed at promoting strong, healthy roots.
    3. Round Three. In June and early July, your yard receives one more blast against broadleaf weeds. The Fertilizer in this treatment is aimed at the roots, and is also designed to help your grass drink in needed water as the hot months approach.
    4. Round Four. The summer heat hits hard in August, but we’re ready. The slow release fertilizer is timed to help your grass green and healthy despite the beating sun. We’re also on the lookout against attacks by grubs and insect pests, who tend to strike at this time of year.
    5. Round Five. All good things must come to an end, and in Minnesota at least, that definitely means summer. We send your lawn into its deep winter sleep with a dose of high nitrogen to help it survive the winter. And, we’ll add in a little broadleaf weed killer, to discourage next year’s crop of dandelions.

Lawn Mowing, Trimming & Weeding: Get your lawn ready for the weekend!

The tasks you chose to do in your yard should be for fun and relaxation; they shouldn’t be drudgery. Creative Curb Appeal is ready to work with you. We can handle the chores, while you enjoy the fun stuff.

Turn to us for:

  • Mowing and Trimming: We will mow all of your turf, trimming all the edging, driveways, and sidewalks to perfection. We’ll make sure that your pathways, driveways and flowerbeds aren’t littered with grass clippings. If necessary, due to extremely wet weather, we can also bag your property for an additional fee.
  • Bagging: If you would prefer to have grass clippings bagged after each visit, Creative Curb Appeal can provide that service too, ask us about that plan.
  • Weeding: Why through your back out picking weeds from your beds? Creative Curb Appeal takes a proactive approach to unsightly weeds, removing them at every visit.

Seasonal Maintenance: Each chore in its proper season

In addition to regular mowing, trimming, and weeding, Creative Curb Appeal can perform the necessary seasonal tasks needed to help your property look its best.

  • Spring Clean Up: Get the growing season started right, and your lawn looking awesome and ready to live in! Creative Curb Appeal will power rake your lawn, bag leaves, remove sticks, leaves, litter and other debris. We’ll back it all, and haul it away.
  • Dethatching: We remove the layer of dead plant material (known as “thatch”) that builds up around the roots of your grass. While a small amount of thatch can help shield the roots of grass from heat, and help it hold moisture, large amounts prevent fertilizer, air and water from reaching the roots. We can use a power rake, or the more traditional tines.
  • Power Edging: The ultimate in neatness. Our power edging service will prevent your lawn from creeping into the cracks and crevasses of driveways, patios and walkways. Typically, we perform this service twice a year, and it is the extra step that will make your lawn one of the best looking in the neighborhood!
  • Core Aeration: Softer Soil means a healthier lawn. Compacted soil can prevent nutrients from penetrating to the roots of your lawn. Our Aeration process loosens soil, allowing water, air and fertilizer to reach the roots of your grass.
  • Overseeding: Adding extra seed to your established lawn is an excellent way to fill in bare spots, and increase the thickness and lushness of your yard. We typically recommend that you overseed immediately after aerating your lawn.
  • Fall Clean Up: All good things do come to an end, and so too, must the Minnesota summer. Leaves, sticks and twigs, and the other detritus of summer is cleared away. Your property is ready for a fresh start next spring!

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